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Why Linux?

1.  The best reason for running a Linux operating system on your computer is that it gives you the best capability to produce things at the lowest cost.  There are many applications available that rival expensive applications on proprietary systems.  For no extra cost, you get access to:

Email Client & Calendar
Word Processor
Presentation Software
Mind-Mapping Software
Project Planner
Mult-track recording
Audio Players
Video Players
Midi sequence
Drum Machines
Photo Editing Tools
Vector Graphics
3-D Animation
Video Editing
DVD Production
Web servers
Web Development Tools
Programming IDEs

2.  The second best thing is that you own the software that you put on your computer. Other operating systems ask you to agree to a "EULA" or end user license agreement, in which you agree that you don't own the software, will not modify or reverse engineer the sottware and will be subject to other terms as defined by the company.  What? 

Linux is licensed under the Gnu Public License, which says, you own the software and can modify it anyway you want  That is freedom.  However, if we don't  value our freedoms, we could find ourselves trapped in proprietary systems.

3.  Stability.  Linux has over 20 years of development   There are over half a million dedicated developers who have joined forces to produce quality products that are freely available to anyone.  That's more developers than any one company can hire - which means more innovation is a shorter time.  Bugs get identified and fixed faster.

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