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How can I create a DVD?

By Michael J - Posted on 11 October 2011

I'd like to know how I can use Linux to get video from my camera to a DVD.

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It's easy to create DVDs on Linux for your business, family and friends.  We'll use 3 opensource applications to accomplish the task.  If you already use Linux,  You can download these applications for free from your distribution's repository.

Cinelerra is a very powerful video capturing and editing application.

DVDStyler is an application that allows you to create the menus and "burn" the DVD.

K3B is a CD/DVD burner application that makes it easy to make multiple copies.


First we use Cinelerra to create the videos for our DVD. 

Cinelerra Video Editing

Cinelerra offers multi-track video and audio editing and compositing.  A movie studio in a box.

After we have created our videos, we turn to DVD styler to create menus, upload our videos, and burn our DVD.  My DVD will feature eight videos, and allow the viewer to select a particular video or to play all of them in sequence.

DVD Styler

If I'm just creating one DVD, I would choose the "Burn" options to create the DVD - and I'm DONE!

But since I need 6 copies, I utilize the option to save the DVD as an *.iso image file.

Once, that is complete, I turn to K3B to help burn the image to the 6 DVDs I need.


I have to monitor the software, in order to shuttle the blank DVD's in and out for recording.

But in about 20 minutes - I have 6 copies of my DVD.  Grandma will be so happy.