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Forum Rules and Etiquette

By LLAdmin - Posted on 13 September 2011

In these forums we'll try to answer any and all questions asked about using Linux and open source applications.

We ask you kindly to stay on topic with the questions asked. On topic meaning: Ask questions in the appropriate forum.  Answer the question being asked by the person.  The purpose is to provide help.  These forums are searchable and can be a real asset to Loganville and surrounding areas.

Topics not allowed on this Forum:

  • Acting Ugly
  • Advertsements or links deemed unacceptable by the administrators

Posts which are not "on topic" will either be closed, or deleted. In case of deletion, we'll send a private message to whoever posted the original thread.

The board is here for all to enjoy, but if you feel someone has hijacked or sabotaged your thread, let us know.

Some etiquette:

  • DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS, It is used to simulate yelling. Some folks consider it offensive.
  • Do not use swearing, profanities or obscenities in your post, it shows weakness of your position.
  • Do not take the Lord's name in vain. (This one has seperate penalties)
  • Do not insult other posters, maintain civility. We're supposed to be Southern, for Pete's sake. 
  • Threads which end in a blatant flame war will be closed.

Remember, this is a private forum, posting here is a privilege. If you abuse your privilege, that privilege will be taken away from you. The administrators can, and will erase posts, and ban abusers. We view that as an extreme measure and prefer this forum to be partially self-moderating.

Have fun!