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Lights Out Data Center

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AOL has deployed a lights-out data center in their ATC facility

Mike Manos, AOL's Senior VP -Technology Operations said "AOL has developed configuration management software that has accelerated the process for deploying new server capacity. We went from provisioning servers in days, to getting base virtual machines up and running in under 8 seconds,” he writes. “We used Open Source products and added our own development glue into our own systems to make all this happen.

About Loganville Linux

Here is the story.

In 2000, I was an IT manager for the Nortel/BNR lab in Atlanta when a small DSL company was purchased, and it was my job to help assimilate the technology.  It was here I got my first taste of Linux.  As software development tools were in my budget, I knew how much we paid for main stream tooling.  These guys were using free development tools to achieve similar results.